CDA’s flexibility means more than just offering a range of products

Want GPS services without the additional work it requires? Our GPS services save you time and ease your work load. At CDA, our belief is that GPS monitoring should make your job easier, not add more data entry computer time to your daily responsibilities. We do the work for you; while you are out of the office or meeting with participants, we review participant GPS activity and send an accurate summary report of violations. Our daily activity review allows for you to act on violations without the burden of time-consuming computer review of the manufacturer's reports. Of course, all data is still available to you at your convenience via internet website, with option of immediate violation notification at no extra charge.

CDA has a full-site power generator for unlimited power support during power outages to minimize service interruption

CDA offers the option of "paperless monitoring"

Agencies can choose to receive real-time data via Internet for any of our services. Officer and agency logins offer security with immediate access and easy navigation.

Full e-mail and text messaging programs also available

CDA prides itself in personalized client support

The key to providing our high standard of service is to provide our clients with a CDA single point-of-contact; an employee who is familiar with your agency and staff, and the common issues that are specific only to your agency. Unlike manufacturer call centers where you may never speak with the same person more than once, we know your agency and staff by name and are able to offer solutions that are tailored to each of our client's specific situations.


For More details on our products offered, please see our Product Brochure


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