About Us

Today, we continue our standards of excellence in equipment selection, and product services offered, making CDA the gold standard for service providers in the industry.

Our company has applied our more than twenty years of experience into building electronic monitoring programs for agencies such as probation departments, sheriff departments, juvenile detention centers, juvenile courts, jails, community corrections agencies, as well as private attorney/offender applications. CDA, Inc. has developed programs specifically in juvenile correction agencies at the state and regional level. Currently, CDA is serving agencies throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Unlike manufacturers, CDA’s diverse product selection allows us to offer state of the art equipment and services customized specifically to the geographic area, size of the agency, staffing assistance needs, and participant offenses/trends. We offer a range from basic monitoring plans to full service, with options selected by the agency. We can perform as much or as little of the daily tasks as requested in our client’s electronic monitoring program. CDA’s CHIP (Comprehensive Home Incarceration Program) services include installations (performed in offender's home, office, or at agency's location), troubleshooting (including infield at offender's home), collection of fees, on-site agency training as often as needed, court appearances, inventory management, and development of pilot programs including related education of judges and enforcement personnel. CDA's equipment availability from a variety of manufacturers includes RF (radio frequency), alcohol monitoring, and GPS.

CDA Inc.'s asset is in the relationships we build through trust in our product recommendations and services. Our company has provided services for hundreds of agencies, many of which have selected us for ten years and longer. CDA clients are within a one day driving distance in order to meet standards of quality service by our staff.


Green Efforts - Although CDA is a small sized company, we believe every effort individuals and companies make to conserve  resources and reduce costs makes a difference.  To this purpose, we have recently become paperless, utilizing a virtual file system.  Digitalizing our paperwork allows for client and participant data to be securely protected and backed-up with redundancy.  Additionally,  instituting a paperless fax system has also offered versatility in conversion from fax to e-mail.  We have also made physical changes to our building such as replacing our windows and lighting with high efficiency products, increasing our recycling program, and using only eco-friendly paints and flooring.  CDA is committed to continually look for ways to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency, not only for our company but for our suppliers' manufacture processes as well.

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